The Soul Gardener

With your fiery hair
and passion to match.

with your eyes that smile
and your words as smooth as glass.

with your “too cool for this” shell
but the softest heart,
fixed with bandages
and bubble-wrapped
to keep from falling apart

Yes, you.

I see you.

And I think you’re brilliant.

I’m sure the world would agree
if you shared yourself with the world
the way you’ve shared yourself with me.

You tell yourself
you’re not enough,
but I’ll tell you
that you are,
because the God
who made the galaxies
made you
brighter than the stars!

He reached his hands into the dust
and made you from the earth.
He moulded you into your shape,
gave you purpose,
gave you worth.

He breathed air into your lungs
and life into your bones.
He planted seeds in your ground, that day,
watered them,
and helped them grow.

You are the way
you were made to be
by the Gardener
of your soul.

You have blossom growing out your ears
and petals in your hair.
The Soul Gardener has grown the plants
that he wants you to share.

There’s nobody else
in the Universe like you-
your soul garden is unique!
So don’t be scared
of who you are,
because you
are what the world needs.

So be boldly,

Be loud
and bright
and colourful
and new.

Be a breath of fresh air;
a spring afternoon;
a light in the dark;
a garden in bloom.
Be honest,
be open,
be whole,
be broken.

Be brave,
be bruised.

But, most of all;
be you.


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