This is a Love Poem

This is a love poem
but I’m not going to talk about romance.

It doesn’t have
a fairytale ending
because true love almost never does.

Yes, love is patient
and love is kind,
but it is also
battered and
beaten and

This kind of love isn’t pretty.
It’s unconditional,
and true.

Love is
lying facedown in the mud with them
so they don’t have to lie there alone.

Love is
joining them on the frontline of the battle
because they can’t win the fight on their own.

Love is
holding their bloodied hand
after they’ve punched a hole in the wall
as big as the vacuum in their soul
and standing by them until their fears go.

Love never fails;
in the darkness
it is the light.

In the lost and brokenhearted
it is revival,
We are a nation
bathed in hatred
but it’s senseless and blind.

We are created
with the capacity to love
and be loved in return.
But, rather than find the lost causes
people would watch them burn.
Cast them out,
shame them,
isolate them
because its what they

It’s so easy to hate
when your heart is hurting.

It’s difficult to love
those who are difficult to love
but we should anyway.
Not because it’s simple
but because it’s right.

Who are we to decide
what way our souls collide?

I could hold the universe
in the palm of my hand,
but if I have not love
I am nothing.

This is a love poem
because love is everything.

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