Stormy Weather

The rain plummets diagonally this time.
Touching everythng and leaving its mark.
Dark clouds
wind howling
thunder rolling

How can we be peaceful
when the rain is beating down?
When the gales are high
and the lightning flashes
and your jacket
just doesn’t quite
keep you dry?
And when the cold hits
and your hair stats to drip
and your cries are useless
because nobody can
hear you anyway
and the world is full of
and hurt
and revenge
and pointless violence
and people are killed
for no apparent reason
and there are grudges
and guns
and wars
and politics

How can we be peaceful
when everything else is not?

When the thunder grips your heart
and you can’t see thanks
to the rain
that came from nowhere
and the boat almost capsizes
and you cry out in terror
“Save us, LORD!”

What does He do?

raises his arms,

You of little faith,
why did you doubt?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,
peace is in the eye ofthe storm.

When you stand in the rain
but it doesn’t get you wet
because you don’t let it
and you stop for a second
to listen to the perfect
uneven tapping
of the rain droplets
as they fall from the overhang
onto the window ledge
and you notice the washing on the line;
Left out too long
and to far gone to save now.

The deep breaths you take
as you allow
the petrichor
to fill your lungs.

Do not let your heart be troubled,
do not be afraid.

Close your eyes.



and listen to the rain
dance to the
rhythm of your
tired soul.

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