Bitterness Doesn’t Taste Good (Unless You’re Sucking Lemons)

When life gives you lemons
you’re not supposed to suck them.

But, life doesn’t really “give” you lemons,
does it?
It doesn’t present them to you
nice and
clean and
on a silver platter.

It doesn’t wrap them in
ribbons and
brown paper
and leave them under your
Christmas Tree.

life takes a lemon
and throws it directly
at the side of your head.

Life rips a hole in you
and squeezes lemon juice
straight into the open wound.

It takes the fleshy pulp
and smears it inbetween
the layers of your skin
so, not only do you have
the lemon,
but there is no amount of
that could ever remove
the sting.

If life “gave” you lemons
you wouldn’t need to worry
because a lemon untouched
isn’t much of a threat,
but the sensation of
acid burning you
is one you will struggle
to forget.

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