The Sunrise Crew

and the crew
make ready their ship.
Pull on their
smartest uniforms,
shine shoes to
look their bit.

Arm up,
stand up straight,
look ready

The Captain speaks,
make this the
best we’ve
ever seen.”

Boarded vessel,
anchors up,
sailing out to sea.

Early morning
for the Sunrise Crew;
for you and me.

Upon the Captain’s orders
every member
takes up their brush
and begins to
paint the sky:

First in blues
and purples
hues increasing in light
then add some
oranges and pinks
some lilac clouds
some birds to sing
a breath of air
to kiss your hair
ripples on the waves
and a trail
that gleams in the
morning light
from a single aeroplane.

And then,
the golden sun;
at first
just peeking at
the world.
But, as it
rises further,
it bathes the day
in gold.

The Sunrise Crew
sail back to shore
in light of
morning sun,
and the Captain
smiles and
salutes them.

Another job
well done.

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