I’m a published author!?

What an absolute whirlwind this weekend was. Can you believe, in the midst of everything else, I almost forgot to actually publish the book? Head over to the Book page to find out where you can grab a copy from!

I released The Soul Garden on Friday 5th July 2019 with a launch party at the beautiful Tessies in Hull. It was gorgeous – the room looked absolutely perfect – we had extra decorations provided by Plant and Paint, which added a lovely touch.

The lovely Tessies ladies spent the evening running around like headless chickens filling up the snacks, checking up on everyone, filming the musicians and the event, smiling and chatting and looking after everything. So much love for them!

The musicians were absolutely brilliant – everyone said how well they performed and they went down an absolute treat. Mega big love.

My parents spent the evening mingling and chatting and filling up the punch bowl and sorting tech and making sure everything was running smoothly. My mum also made a bunch of decorations that we didn’t get chance to hang up! It’s okay, though, I’ll use them to decorate my uni room!

Graceful Designs spent the evening with her beautiful stall chatting to everyone and selling bits and bobs and generally just being lovely.

Joseph Day Photography took shots of everything and I can’t wait to share them!

We had so much extra help from so many lovely people (all of whom I forgot to thank properly because my brain has turned to mush), but I really appreciate everyone who helped set up/pack away and made the night what it was!!

The turn out was really good, I sold out of books on the night!! I’m really grateful to everyone who came and supported and helped out that evening.

I am blown away by the response I’ve had to this. I am so blessed to have all the people around me that I do, and I could not have done this without any one of them.

From the bottom of my heart,

Beth x

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